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We have been serving the West Chester community for over 80 years. We go back to 1928 when Casper Pratt Hicks, Steven's grandfather, started the Casper P. Hicks Funeral Home in West Chester. In 1932, Casper moved to our current location at the corner of High and Union Streets. During the 1940's and 1950's, Casper's son-in-law, Oliver P. Founds, was employed at the funeral home. In 1962, Oliver purchased the business and the name became Oliver P. Founds Funeral Home and eventually shortened to Founds Funeral Home, Inc.

In 1988, Oliver's son, Steven C. Founds, who had been working at the business for many years, purchased the business. Steven graduated from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and also West Chester University with a degree in Social Work.